“Develop an innovative and implementable idea that takes on global water challenges and ensures a climate resilient future” 

Ready for action!

The UN2023 Gamechanger challenge is all about the connection between youth and water. Over 200 teams have signed up and are ready to develop their idea and broadcast it into the world!

The Challenge explained

Take a look at our animation video which explains how the Challenge works! 

Our mission is to really implement the top five ideas after the finals in New York and we are always looking for partners!

How it works

Create a Team
- Conisiting of 2-6 students 17+ of age
- Connected to a knowledge institution
Connect to a local community
-A primary or secondary school or association, such as a sports club, music school or scouting
-Invite them to collaborate in this challenge
Apply with your team
Go to Join > Participant
Share knowledge
- At the venue of your local teampartner (community, school, association)
- Give a guest lecture about the Sustainable Development Goals and their connection to water. We provide a toolbox to support you
- To create awareness and inspire them to design their dream, solution for water
- Collect this ideas and pick one or some to start your innnovation based on this dream. e.
Develop your idea
- Inspired by local communities
- To tackle global water challenges
- Guided by your coach
Become a Changemaker!
- In this Challenge, everyone is a winner
- The top 5 Changemakers will pitch their idea in New York during the UN2023 Water Conference.


Application period
Sharing knowledge & idea development
First submission deadline
Second submission deadline
Final at the UN Water Conference New York 2023
Beyond New York
1st of September – 24th of November 2022
From admission until 24th of January 2023
24th of January 2023
14th of February 2023
22nd-24th of March 2023
March 2023 - 2030

What's in it for you?

Wavemakers United provides lots of options to elevate your personal development and career. Are you looking for a new challenge? Have a look at the options to support our mission!

Apply as partner!

Our mission is to make an meaningfull impact by supporting the top 5 ideas to really implement their idea. 

We believe that youth CAN make a difference, but we also know they can not do it alone. 

We are looking for partners who are willing to become part of the solution by supporting the winning teams.