Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately the application period has officially been finished. However we might have some different roles for you available. We are always looking for youth ambassadors who are willing to spread the message and make some Waves! Contact challenge@wavemakersunited.com 

At this point the website doesn’t allow team captains to do this but our tech collegues are working hard to add this option as soon as possible. A full explainer document on this Work Space Area will be online and shared as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately we have a limitid budget and therefore we can only sent the Team Captains of to New York. We understand this might be disappointing for the rest of the team members.

However we believe that the biggest prize is the fact that YOUR idea has been selected as a GAMECHANGER. Your idea will be pitched on a big stage at the UN Water Conference and imagine this as a flying start of your career!  

We will make sure to have a strong live connection with your team and local community at home to connect virtually and give you the credits you deserve! 


It is a requirement for the participating teams to provide at least one guest lecture to a local community. 

With ‘local community’ we do not only mean primary or secondary schools. A local community can also be a local day care, a youth group, sport club, music / dance or art class. 

Please have a look on the ‘impact report example document’ in the Workspace area to see the further requirements.

Note that we approved your registration according to the education level and ages of the team members and team captain. Make sure your changes are approved within the guidelines. 

Please fill in this form. 


Until the 24th of January the only thing we expect from you is to present an implementable idea. This means you’ll be judged on the FACT if it’s implementable or not. We don’t ask you to implement/execute the idea within the next two months. 

However our mission is that all the good ideas will be implemented at some point in the future. The top 5 ideas will get extra support to find fundings to implement the idea and really be the Gamechanger the world needs.  We strongly encourage the other ideas to find fundings too and we are working on the strategy to realize this. 

You will upload your idea on the Workspace area. There will be an upload document area online soon.

Is your question not answered? 

Please fill in this form and we try our best to answer you as soon as possible.