Challenge Participants


Students with a passion for water - WE WANT YOU!

Who can Join?

The UN2023 Gamechanger challenge is all about the connection between youth and water. We want your out-of-the-box idea, inventions, and innovations. Apply as a team with fellow students, develop your idea, and broadcast it to the world.

Your team

A team can consist of 2 to 6 students.  These students do not have to be part of the same knowledge institution or faculty. The knowledge institutes are functioning as team- owners and will give their team its unique name, like ‘Team IHE-Delft’, or ‘Team Khalifa University’.

Every team will have a “team captain”, who will submit the required documents and the team information to the challenge website. The captain will be the main point of communication for all Challenge specific information. This does not mean that the captain is responsible for the presentation of the idea in front of the juries or in the video.



When multiple teams apply per institute, numbers will be added to the team name by the organization or the faculty of the team.


Local communities

After admission to the Challenge teams will start creating impact at the local level. They will create water awareness in a local community of youngsters (17-). Teams will gain inspiration by educating local communities and offering guest lectures and activities.

A local community can be a primary or secondary school, but any other group of children can also count, such as a sports association, music group or even a village.

What's in it for you?

How to apply: