"Together for gold"

Companies with a passion for water, energy and the climate can join the Wavemakers United as partners and become part of our mission. Once a partner, the companies can choose to profile themselves during our events. We are happy to make a tailor-made proposal for this. You ask and the Wavemakers United provide connection and impact!

We are constantly looking for support and donation to fund our mission and build for a better future. Are you interested in making a donation? Do not wait longer!

Every bit of support is welcome in order to achieve our goals. From providing meeting rooms to deploying your experts on our cases all forms of support could help us in creating a bigger wave. Contact us to discuss your ideas!

As Wavemakers, we aim to create awareness and educate the youth about the functions and values of water. We provide a stage for the innovations of our partners that offer solutions to global water, energy and sustainability issues. This results in awareness for a larger audience 

The energy transition will require 10,000 smart minds and golden hands in the coming years. Together with Wavemakers United, your organization ensures a fresh and ambitious influx of new talent, because Wavemakers United is the youth program for water and energy talent. As a partner of Wavemakers United, your organization works effectively on the human capital agenda. 

Wavemakers United is building a pool of ambitious students & young professionals. As a partner of Wavemakers United you can be in direct contact with our talented community. We support students in making connections with companies, enabling them to build a valuable network in the water and energy industry. 



Wavemakers United is visible at the largest water and energy events around the world. Young talents talk about local innovations abroad and leaves the legacy of your company behind through the International Wavemaker Academy. This gives Wavemakers partners worldwide exposure in the Wavemaker network.


Become a partner


Wavemakers United is currently not in a non-profit foundation structure and hence has no ANBI status.

Our vision is to help our partner to elevate their bussiness with our network. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities. 

Donations are used to fund our activities. These can range from waterlabs at international event to development of courseware. Donations will be used to fund all our expenses.

We are currently in the rocess of becoming UN certified. 

Wavemakers United has a wide network of top sporters in water. We would be delighted to help companies with our network.