COP27: Coming Out of the Blue (comfort) zone! 

During the 21nd Conference of Parties world leaders gathered in France to discuss and (thankfully) sign the Paris Climate Agreement. 197 parties agreed to battle the well-known increase of 2-degrees. Right now, the world leaders are at COP27 where decision making is done and goals are set in the ‘Blue zone’.

Wavemakers Daphne van der Vaart and Eva den Boer attended COP27 out of the Blue Zone, telling stories about real action and showing initiatives that have direct impact in our societies. Because to talk about the climate transition is important, but action matters the most! 

Most fundamental, systemic, changes to our way of living come as a surprise – out of the blue. We need innovations, both social and technical, to provoke our current way of thinking, doing, and living. Youth is the perfect source of these innovations, creative minds that keep on giving in the decades ahead of us. Water is the accelerator for change, one of the themes connecting all SDGs. 

However, the value and functions of water are not well known under a broad audience. We, as water enthusiasts, need to step out of the blue-bubble. To create awareness with those who are not yet convinced about the values of water.  

We are convinced that if we go out of the blue on all these topics we can create sustainable impact towards the UN2023 Water Conference and beyond. Keep posted about our out of the blue stories on our social media or get in touch to collaborate! 

Check the first teaser of our Out of the Blue story with athlete-ambassador Mina Guli below!